Thursday, May 20, 2010

Burden of water

It was an unusually hot morning. Anjaneyalu was agitated. He hadn't got the call from the taxi driver. There were heaps of unfolded clothes lying. The suitcases strewn around. He couldn't decide on which suitcase to pick.

"Can you bring the blue one ?". He shouted to Sharada.

"Cant you pick it on your own ?" she shouted back. "Its on the bedroom shelf , the top one ".

"Why can't you help ?" he hissed.

"There is no water in the house for the last 4 days. I have been walking from the tanker lorries to the tank, and you are asking me to come and help. Why don't you go get todays tanker water ? " she shouted back.

"Women only complain", he mumbled, as he wandered off to pick the suitcase. He stretched himself on the stool, as the stool creaked and groaned under his weight, just as the phone rang.

"I cant take the phone. You have to pick it. Dont call me again" she proclaimed proactively.

Anjaneyulu, pulled the suitcase from the ledge, and dropped it, as a plume of dust flew up.

" Cant you ask somebody to clean the ledge. It looks like a dustbin", he complained, as he struggled to get to the phone before it hit the 6th ring.

As he reached and picked up, the voice at the other end " Saaar !!, Samy, driver saar.. Where is your house ? I am in Canara Bank Layout ?"

Canara Bank Layout nahi. You have to come to Canara Bank, near Officers Layout. Are you dumb ? Can't you ask this 1 hour before. We are old people, we cannot run to catch the train. How long you will take ?"

"Saar, I will be there in 10 minutes saar. My number is 992233111. Surely will reach saar".

Anjaneyulu reached into his suitcase, and started to pack all his clothes when his wife came in.

"How many years will you make me stay in useless place. No water, no power, no friends. I should listened to my brother when he asked me to come to Mumbai. And then you ask me to clean the ledge. What should I use to clean ?. I cant get enough water to clean me and you. Where will you get the water for cleaning the house ?"

"OK, dont start again. You can still go to Mumbai. Your son is there ? Why dont you go there and enjoy ?"

"I should. You are a lazy bone, and my mother should have known it before she agreed for our marriage.".

"Why dont you help move these clothes to the blue one, instead of just picking on me ? " he sighed.

Prema looked on blankly into the wall. The night she remembered when her life came to a sudden standstill. It was 6 months ago. It was just a normal day, and there was little rain outside. It was wierd to see so much water coming by. We heard that Karnataka has received so much rain in the radio. It was around 6:45 in the evening, when it happened. First the lights went out, and then the water started rising. My son was on his way back from his friends house, when it happened. The universe just exploded.. around me. He was studying 6th, and he was the third in his class for the first time. He was so excited when he came in that day.

" Why, my son ?", "Why , my son ?"..

Hari, lifted his news paper and tells his son "Water is like money. When you have none, it pains, When you have more, it pains, When you have enough, you cant see what pain looks like"

"Dad, why dont people respect water or air, as much they respect food, or fire ?"

"We respect only things that we dont have or the ones that we fear."

"Water is everything. It is more, it is less, it is fear, and it is a friend. So, people dont know how to respect it?'

Prem says " Dad, I will call you when I reach Bangalore, as he lifts his knapsack, plugs his iPOD in, and jumps into the auto.".

His mom says " Dont drink outside, you can fall ill". "I won't take water from home. Its painful. ? See.. he says, as he points to a giant billboard which says " Mineral water"... " Seee. Thats what I will do.. I dont want to touch the tap water.. Its dirty.. ".

As she stood there, shaking her head, the auto left leaving a trail of dust. She didnt know whether to be upset or to be happy.

Pavan leaned outside from his porch, and sighs " These days kids dont know the worth of anything. Too much fast food, too much fast life. So much for all the things we learn from TV ". She nodded her head, and she headed back to her house holding the bottle in her hand.

The platform was crowded.. Prem searched his pockets with fervor.. The front, the left, the back, and then the bag side pocket, and pulled out a crumpled paper, which he smoothened out, as it faintly read " S10, 23". The announcement in the railway station faintly could be heard over the hip pounding song on his iPOD. " Bangalore jaane wali Bangalore express, platform number theen se rawana hogi ".

The coach.. red, and faded, and had seen the better part of the last 10 years in the heat, dust, and rains of India. Like a weary soldier, the coach of Bangalore express, stood there at the far end of platform 3. Beside the platform, behind a heap of parcels, was the soft drink shop.

"12 Rs , said the shopkeeper, as he pointed at the mineral water bottle. ". Prem, gave the 50 Rs note, picked the bottle and said, " it says 10 Rs here, why are you charging 12..

"Saar, who will pay for my fridge". As he reached out to take the bottle back Prem resisted, and handed the money.

Saar, when you go and buy that white box that you are holding , do you ask for 20% discount, or do you pay what they ask ?" .." I think, my face is written - Ask for discount . So, you will keep beating me up ?" mumbled the drink shop guy, and turned away to the next customer.

Prem swung into the compartment in style, and settled into his seat. Just as he settled down, the train jerked into movement, and the shrill sound of the horn pierced the air. A sudden burst of activity, on the platform, and Prem could see people scurrying from and to the train. As the train picked up speed, the end of the platform swung into view and the board which slowly faded into the distance behind him which read " Hyderabad".

Hari , sitting in his balcony, as his son held a mineral water bottle in his hand...

"Dad, Should we pay for water ? . We used to come from a culture where people gave water free ?"

Dad said " When you come for free, you have no value.. When you come at a steep price, you have no value. Your value should be what your value is."

"Why is value important ?"

"Value is importance. Value is safety. We dont understand value without seeing a price tag attached to it. Why do we dump dirt into rivers ? Because we dont see the value of the river without a price tag attached to the river, till we don't have the river. ".

"Why should we ?" asked the son.

"If a bottle of mineral water is 10 Rs, why don't we fence rivers, because it must be worth billions ? We fence our properties, we fence our gardens, we fence our near and dear ones..Dont we ?"

"Om !! Thatsavidhurvarenyam, bargo devasya dheemahi dheeyo yonahah prasodayath"

Sankaran hummed as he drew the water from the river and looked skywards and gently opened his hands to release the water.. As the water trickled down, he closed his eyes, and chanted.

As he opened his eyes, he looked down, sighed, and turned to his friend next to him and said "Do you know that this river used to be 500 ft wide when I was young ?". The river was a thin trickle by the side. As he sat for a few moments to catch his breath, he said "I have to call the borewell guy today. Our pump stopped working 2 days back, and this guy told me that we have to do another 50 ft for the water. This is Kaliyugam. People will fight for water, and it is coming true. A dam upstream, and no water downstream. The people who have water, fight with the water, people who don't, fight for water. Bhagwane !!. ".

"YOu said your grandson is coming from Hyderabad today ? Are you going to the railway station ?

"No, he is smart kid. He will find a way on his own. Besides, there is nobody to take care of Seetha if I go to the railway station."


Dad, and me were in a car when I asked "Why do people fight for water ?"

"The fear of it being not there ? Water is an expression of fear. Water is an expression of hope, both at the same time. I hope I can make life better with water,but then I fear that my life will become worser without water. But when water is there, I dont care of the same life either way."

"Among all the pancha bhootas, water has this special quality or burden as I call it ?".

"It doesnt evoke a fixed feeling in you... You always want air. You always fear fire. You like more and more earth, when you own it, and dont care about earth when you dont own it. But water is curious. You cry for it, when you dont have it. You are indifferent, when you have enough. You fear it, when you have too much, You want to buy water when you dont have it, you want to throw it, when you have more. You seek purity, when you want it, and pollute it, when you dont. When you are in the side of a river you secretly hope, and when you are in the river, you secretly fear."

" I couldnt understand " said the son.

" Thats right. We cannot understand ".

As the train ground to a halt in Kurnool, Prema limped towards the platform, and asked the TTR in the black gown .. Saar, where is S10. ?

"Go further back.. " he said.

With a handbag clutched in her hand, Prema quietly lifted herself up into the compartment, and into the jostling crowd.

As the train leaves the platform, Prema sits down and pensively started looking out into the open. As the train picked up speed, the landscape flew past her, and she leant her head back, and closed her eyes.

Anjaneyulu climbed into the dusty taxi, and as the taxi ambled into the railways station, he could hear the distant sound of the gong, and a faint chug of a distant train.

" You keep doing things till the last moment. See the train will now come and go. And this taxi fellow. he complained, as he picked up the heavy pieces of luggage and put them down.

"Slowly, ppa. There are bottles in this suitcase. My son will be furious , if he knows we broke his avakaya pickle.".

"Saar, I have been in this business for 20 years.. Nobody has even lost a hair because of me. " scowled the driver. He counted 125 Rs change, and shut the door, and speeded away into a distance.

"Porter, come here .. Platform 2 ".

"100 Rs saar".

"100 Rs.. I dont make that much money in a day in my days. DO you know that ". Anjaneyulu cried. His wife nudged him "Cant you keep your mouth shut ?". just as the porter opened his mouth, interuppting him with a "Make it little less, we are old people, and cannot so much like these young people. Why dont you take 60Rs and help us "

"I am not in a charity business", the porter said, as he lifted the suitcase, and said " Give me 70 Rs , OK", and led through the crowd past the overhead bridge to the Platform 2.

" Which coach , Saar ? '. She said S10.

" What is this amma, do you know how far is this coach. It is at the end of the platform. Who will come for 70 Rs". Give me another 10 Rs Ok,". She gave a deep frown, and said " You guys always harass people who are like us ". You cant keep your word, can you ?". The porter mumbled as he reached the end of the platform, unloaded, and wiped his forehead.

"Amma, in this heat, do you think I am going to make a castle with this money ?".

"I cant sleep at night, and I cant sleep in the morning .. " and as he started off his monologue, Sharada cut him off, thrust 80 Rs into his hand, and said.. " Ok, you got what you wanted..Now go ". As the ported trotted away for his next customer, the train had come to the full stop, giving out a last minute shrill beep, as its wheel ground to a halt.

The luggage was quite heavy, and Anjaneyulu struggled to find his balance as he swayed down the aisle looking for his seat. He gently rebuked " Not not that seat.. That is 63, ours is 36, said Anjanayula, as his wife stood up once more, and followed Anjaneyulu into their seat.

Sharada looked for a moment at the lady in front of her, and thought " She seems to be in pain ", as she looked away from Prema sitting there in front of them.

As she looked across, in the single seat was Prem shaking his head to a crescendo on his new iPOD. As he dug into his 3rd mineral water bottle for the day, Sharada, relaxed herself, and turned to Anjaneyulu and said " Did you count the bags ?".

It was around 5:00 p.m , and the train was gently waving its way past the Gooty junction, when Prema opened her eyes. Sharada's eyes met her and smiled briefly. Prema responded with a painful smile, and looked out of the window, and was lost for a couple of minutes in the landscape.

"Where are you coming from ?" Sharada jerked Prema's attention with a question..

"Kurnool " she said..

"Going home " Sharada asked.

Prema could only manage a gentle No with her head, and she lost herself once more in the landscape.

" Are you fine ?" she asked Prema.

As they looked at each other, Sharada knew that Prema would tell more, and she could probably help Sharada. As the wind whipped up the clothes and their hair, Prema slowly unwinded her story. Sharada could deeply listen. And she thought to herself


"We struggle without water, somebody else struggles with water, and there is a person, who thinks water is a given"...

Dad parked his car, and turned to me

" Do you think water is such a burden ? And you know why ?"

"I dont know "

"The burden of fear, the burden of hope, the burden of want, the burden of excess, the burden of Mine, the burden of unwanted, the burden of life, the burden of death, the burden of purity, the burden of dirt, the burden of giving, the burden of taking - That is the burden of Water ".

No other pancha bhoota has so much burden on its shoulder.. "

"Are you saying that this is the reason why people cannot manage water well as much as they manage other possessions ?"

"Now you know. The burden of water, is the burden of us."

The train chugged into the platform 5, and as it grinds into a halt, the thunder and lightning wake up Prema. As the people gently push their way into the platform, it starts to rain, slowly at first, and then the heavens open up..

There in the platform, all of them stood, as the rain poured.

Sharada held her hand out, and caught some of the water in her hand, and her husband, stood there listening the clickety clackety sound of water and the water flowing beneath their feet.

Prema looked up, and she cried, but nobody could see her crying, as the water from her cheeks mixed with the rain, and dripped off her chin. She looked down and saw a couple of kids dancing in the rain.. She looked at it for a minute, and then turned away..

Prem looked out, and searched and for a minute, and then he saw Sankaran, his grandfather..

"Prem, thathha here.. as he held his grandson's hand."

"Thathha, I got admission in Delhi.. Do you know that ?. I need to leave in another 10 days. Do you have an A/C at home, thattha ?. And see all this dirty water. "

Thatthha looked at his mineral bottle clutched in his hand and said "Have you tasted salt borewell water ?" Prem looked at his thattha quizzically "Yuk.. why ?" . Sankaran smiled and said. "You will"

And they all walked towards the exit, as the water slowly welled up into a gentle stream tugging at their legs.


Dad pulled out his umbrella, and walked towards the coach, as he was the only one not drenched by rain , as he stood scanning the crowd.. As he walked towards the coach, he turned to his son, and said " See the people standing and walking and watching, smiling, and maybe crying. Everybody's life was defined by the burden of water is some way. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes joyful, sometimes hopeless, sometimes angry, sometimes helpful. I cant see their stories, I cant tell them mine. But it is there."

" The challenge we all face is that the burden of water is not our burden. Its our responsibility"

And then he saw... and he shouted " Prema, I am Dad, I am here ". She looked at Dad, looked up, and looked at him once again with tears in her eyes.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Consciousness and Pseudo randomness

Here is my version of the debate on why I believe that there is only one theory of creation and I choose to call it the Unified . theory of creation. It is based on a simple principle that all physical constructs in the universe follow the same fundamental principle.. For e.g, the atomic theory, the planetary theory, and the biological theory - in my opinion are the same..All of them are essentially self replicating/self symmetrical fractals..

How does one explain livingness when the core physical makeup of all living things is with dead molecules. ?

I get frustrated that we as a community of people are looking at the problem from different angles at the same time.. i.e from a biological process standpoint, from a psychological standpoint, from a astrological standpoint, from a chemical standpoint, but we are not able to see that all of them are just different names for the same thing, and they all can be explained with the same set of concepts.

  1. Why does a planet go round and round the sun ?? Is it alive ?
  2. Why does a electron go round and round the nucleus. ? Is it alive ?
  3. Why does a human being walk and talk ?? Why does the concept of alive get introduced suddenly when we talk of human beings ?

Why don't we say the earth is alive, why don't we say the atom is alive ???? It is a problem of perception. Probably a planet and electron are alive, but they are not conscious.

So, what is that, which makes a human fit for being termed as ALIVE and CONSCIOUS?

To do that, we need to define what is consciousness ? Let me start with a postulate, and then let us try to prove or disprove it.

What is consciousness ?

The whole concept of consciousness is nothing but an visualization of the transition caused due to application of energy or removal of energy on a physical construct in space.

For the moment, lets go with this definition, and we will modify as soon as we are able to see more than what we can postulate at this point in time.

Visualization means the concept of seeing or perceiving..

  • I see you ALIVE is a perception of how I see your physical construct being transformed by energy..
  • I see you ALIVE also is a simple notional expression of transition as associated with "HUMAN SYNTAX". We, humans, decided to call this property as ALIVE.

Then, how does one explain the concept of human things such as "MEANING", FEELING, OPINION etc.., which an atom or a planet does not have ?

Probably the answer lies in organic chemistry.. For people familiar with organic chemistry, it may be interesting to note that the various compounds such as aldehydes, esters, alcohols are all made up of similar number of Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen atoms. But if you looked at the chemical property of an aldehyde versus an alcohol, there are poles apart ?

Why is there so much variation in physical and chemical property between compounds with just a bond or an atom different.. ? Is meaning and feeling, an equivalent physical property of human beings ?

To understand that, let us try to find a parallel for physical property in a human.. Physical property is the manifestation of the chemical as perceived by the real world actors outside of the chemical. Is that dangerously close to human emotion such as meaning, feeling, emotion ?

Human elements such as meaning, feeling, opinion etc are simple manifestation of the physical construct or material in the real world. That could also explain the color, smell, touch, feel of chemical substances which are so close in atomic structure to each other.

Then, how do you explain the variance of meaning, feeling, opinion which is not there in the physical world ?

If you look at atoms, planets, property of elements, most of them are constant. They don't vary.. For e.g, color of Salt doesn't change, Smell of H2S doesn't change.. Then why does the property of human beings change ? This is where we need another concept, which does not exist in the physical world.. The third aspect that holds the ALIVE concept aloft is manifestation of DUALITY..

What is duality ?

Duality is a paired property of an element.. They always come in pairs and not as singular properties..





Most of the above qualities or emotions as we call it, are not permanently manifested..i.e You cannot find any person in the same state of emotion across time. It changes. And it changes based on context, environment, and interaction. So, what we experience is a continuous expression of DUALITY across multiple properties.

And that is one fundamental difference between Consciousness and a material property. Living beings experience duality in their properties whereas non-living things do not experience it so much.. There are cases where materials change their property based on the environmental context, for e.g, when a Salt is heated, it changes color, or a steel rod expands when heated.. It is not considered duality, because the manifestation of the property is always the same regardless of the context. But in a human being, the output of a DUALITY context does not consistently repeat itself. For e.g, when I hit somebody, he or she could get angry, but it is not guaranteed, that each time I hit the person, the person would get angry. That is the definition of duality. Duality is the inability to predict the outcome of a paired property.

When I am alive, I am being constantly subjected to duality in hundreds of facets, such as my emotion, personality and expression.. My property seesaws.. I become angry, I become happy, I do, I don't do, I resist, I agree, and it goes on in a perceptible random sequence . we call that CONSCIOUS.

So, the manifestation of DUALITY, in a physical construct would define the core concept of consciousness.

This is actually a reiteration of CHAOS theory. i.e a chaotic system is predictable at a macro level, but unpredictable at a micro level. (for starters, I will give an example of macro and micro.. If you looked at 2 trees from a distance, you will see a pattern. Both have a stem, both have leaves which are green, both have branches. But if you go close, you will see that the trees are entirely dissimilar. They have different number of leaves, different size of branches, height, size etc. ). So, using chaos theory, one could explain all physical phenomenon using a common set of definitions and construct, regardless of the branch of science one comes from.. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany.

Just to give a quick intro to the various natural processes, so that we can start looking at the subject matter from three different sciences, let us read the following three articles before we come back.

You will notice that in each of the case, the system consists of

  1. A physical substrate or equation - Cell or chlorophyll/ATP synthase
  2. An energy source - Glucose, or Light or Fuel
  3. A duality source - i.e a unseen quality which makes the system work consistently, but yet unpredictable.

At first glance, there seems to be no concept of duality or involuntary choice making in each of the systems. At a cell level there is no concept of CHOICE, even though the cell is ALIVE. i.e the cell has no CHOICE but to perform its function of creating a new cell or to perform respiration or photosynthesis.

The cells multiply, and they aggregate into tissues. At this stage the tissues also don’t make a CHOICE..

Interestingly, when a foetus is formed, the PHYSICAL CONSTRUCT of the human body evolves only as predetermined patterns. i.e for example, the arm is formed, or the head is formed as per the species DNA.. The DNA is the blueprint of the PHYSICAL CONSTRUCT. It is analogous to the Building plan. The contractor would build the building exactly as mentioned in the plan. The plan enforces the CHOICE on the contractor. The same way, DNA forces a CHOICE on the PHYSICAL CONSTRUCT of the foetus. And the pattern emerges. But all these actions only describe that the system is alive. But it still does not explain consciousness.

When does Consciousness start ?

The choice making, up till now is being determined by an external system.. The construct has to start to make CHOICES on its some point.. But when ?

The question is how does the CHOICE MAKING move from being extrinsic to being intrinsic ?

Interestingly, you will notice that this transition need not happen digitally.. It happens just like the way we do knowledge transition.. Slow at first and then accelerated..

For example, during the first 10 weeks or so, the foetus makes a choice of male or female at some point.. You will notice that the choice of whether the foetus wants to be a male or female of the species, does not seem to be made by the foetus. It is made by a set of circumstances, which we don't understand much using today's science. Interestingly, at a macro level the human population level, the number of males and number of female ratio is close to 50%. So, in a sense the decision to be a male or female is the same as tossing a coin, but if we looked closely at each foetus, we would not be able to tell how the foetus or system made the decision.

So, we can atleast say that the system makes discrete choices at first, then more, and then some more. Consciousness is actually a very slow and steady process, which gets built in a certain sequence and then gets stronger and stronger over the gestation period. The first step in creating a consciousness is to create a internal stimulus reflex system, which starts making CHOICES (i.e the foetus responds to reflexes such as heat, light, sound, and not to words or meaning), and then after it is born, the child starts to make the choices slowly at first, and then at a faster rate. Over a period of first formative years, the external stimulus such as language, emotion helps the construct (child) make newer set of choices .. Sometimes, it makes CHOICES, sometimes it picks the enforced CHOICE (it makes a CHOICE to pick a given CHOICE).

Interestingly, the system sometimes learns by making wrong choices. The wrong choices create a memory imprint, which influence future choices.

So, Is Duality actually transitioned slowly into the aggregate physical construct, thereby evolving CONSCIOUSNESS.?

At a macro level, this seems plausible, but I still am not able to imagine the moment in time, when the aggregate tissue moves from NON-CHOICE MAKING to CHOICE MAKING.

How and when does that moment of consciousness happen ?

Theoretically, we can assume that there could be a second force that imprints the source of duality in the aggregate tissue and configures the construct to make choices, and energize it for the first time to help it make the Choices. The moment, this Source of duality is turned on, that’s the moment Consciousness happens.. You can say that the BABY IS CONSCIOUS.

Earlier to this moment, the foetus is ALIVE BUT NOT CONSCIOUS. After that it becomes ALIVE AND CONSCIOUS.

Or it is possible for another invisible construct to be always there, whose primary purpose is to help the physical construct make choices ?

The question, then can be ......

Is there a one is one relationship of the duality construct with the physical construct ? or can it be one single construct managing the duality of all physical constructs ?

These are questions which can give us the insight into consciousness, and therefore explain creation itself.

This is A miracle which we still are not able to explain scientifically. We only know that energy plays a vital role in energizing consciousness. We also know that there is a duality construct, which is crucial to the definition of consciousness. And the duality construct constantly receives events from internal and external sources, which lead to choice making.

Is consciousness, a single entity or part of a whole ?

If consciousness is actually an perception of the choices being made due to DUALITY imprinted in us, there is another dimension, that has to be considered. Most living creations in the universe do not happen as single instances. All living and non-living instances are always characterized by a large population. .. A trillion stars, a billion galaxies, A million planets, A tera trillion atoms, a trillion bacteria, a billion humans,a million animals. In fact, I don't know any natural system in this universe which comes in a singular instance. So, the concept of interaction between the instance of a species or construct has to be considered in the design of the model for consciousness. I don't think there is a possibility of consciousness happening in a singular instance of a construct. Atleast, let us keep my assumptions aside for the moment, while we keep exploring the subject.

For example, I could imagine MY consciousness, YOUR consciousness, HIS consciousness, HER consciousness and a billion others to attached as a network of consciousnesses (others) that are feeding each other...The analogy can be described as a lake where multiple stones are thrown.. The waves ripple and impact the other ripples, and cause newer waves to form..The waves interact with each other in ways that look random, but they create newer wave2s and more and more, but they die down after some time, and a new stone has to be thrown in to make the system sustainable...

If we have seen the movie Pay Forward, the story actually describes an easy way , one could look at the network of consciousness.

Here is the concept of the movie :

Every human being has a choice of receiving and handling thousands of events, in a positive way or a negative way (likened to the duality principle.). I generate an event which positively or negatively impacts another person, and another person, and so forth. So, A choice made by one person ripples across the world travelling from one person to another person and each makes a CHOICE in turn. If every person in the chain consumes an event which is a positive event (GOOD, HAPPY, NICE ), and generates 3 events which are positive, then the theoretical question is ...What would happen to society as we know it ?. The movie is about an imaginary consequence as a result of such a positive feedback sequence.

An average human would be generating hundreds of internal events every minute, and consuming hundreds of events from outside. So, this tide of events would keep the choice making, ticking like a clock. And that’s what keeps the consciousness going, and growing.

Is it then possible to have consciousness when there are only internal events or stimulus ?

And would it be viable to have consciousness with only internal events ? A foetus is a classic example of consciousness with internal events, but then it is not, because the foetus receives heat and light from outside, and those are external events.. So, practically, I cannot think of an instance where consciousness exists only with internal events.

So, would consciousness cease to exist when there is no external event ?

Would consciousness exist if there is only a singular physical construct? i.e only one human being or one animal or so on ?

A theoretical possibility exists..

The concept of a network also points to the fact that consciousness could actually grow only when it is connected to a network, and not as an individual entity. Which means, the day we are born, we are connected to a network which feeds the consciousness with enough events for it to survive.. It is analogous to a computer which receives events for processing. If the events stop, the computer idles.. (of course the computer doesn’t die..the question is what will the idle state of humans look like where I don’t process any events but am alive ? )

Is consciousness, a wave, which propagates and sustains only because there is a network of consciousness, which feeds each other with events ?

Is the duality construct, a mechanism to keep the network of consciousness from spiraling out of control or spiraling in to singularity ?

Much research on the concept of network has been done, and we all know the SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION model.. i.e one human could connect with another human through only 6 interconnects. Of course, the events that drive our duality does not need to only come from other humans. It can come from our environment (heat, light), from memory(thoughts), and from all living or non-living things (feelings, emotions, events).

So, as long as we stay connected, we have a viable consciousness, if not, there is not a certain way in which we could tell that consciousness can exist.. It may exist in a elementary form, in the same way it does in a foetus, but it cannot survive and flourish without the connect..

In that case, duality is not a property, but actually a event construct consisting of the events, their properties, a method to propagate from one consciousness to another using a medium. We can call this an EVENT CONSTRUCT.

So, consciousness can actually be a manifestation of the interaction between

- A MATERIAL CONSTRUCT - The cells and molecules
- A EVENT CONSTRUCT - Thoughts and expressions and duality
- A ENERGY CONSTRUCT..- The energy that drives us to DO.
- A RELATIONSHIP CONSTRUCT.. The mechanism that binds all the things together..

Here is the more evolved postulate from the one we started with.

Energy drives materials to form physical constructs. Energy also drives materials to form an event construct. Duality is imposed on the physical construct by an unknown entity ( to keep it simple). The events that impact the physical construct, causes the physical construct to make choices based on the duality principle. The choice causes one or many events to happen, which in turn may impact another physical construct and the show goes on. It is to be noted that the number of physical constructs are typically of massive scale (trillions and trillion trillions.

The human perception of the physical construct in operation can be labelled as consciousness.

Is this the definition of consciousness ?

The two unexplained phenomenon however are

1. Where does the material and energy come from ?

2. How does one force the material to make choices ?

But one thing is clear that consciousness is just a perception of the interplay between the elements. The question for which we will not be able to find an answer is

Does consciousness have an identity ?

Is there an identity associated with the physical construct ? Something that uniquely wears the physical construct just like the way we wear our dresses, and make the choices, and holds the perception of consciousness together for the period of life of that entity.. ???

Is there a ME or an I at all in this whole thing, or am I a piece of THE WHOLE ?? And every piece(ME) sees the other piece(YOU) which are just pieces of the same whole.

I don’t know.. My thoughts fail me.

Interestingly, it maps to the Pancha bhootas mentioned in old Hindu texts.. Material is EARTH, event is AIR and energy is FIRE, and the relationship that connects the material, event and energy is WATER, and all of this construct happens in SPACE which is the fifth element..

This is exactly the foundation for the Zodiac theory... This is the same foundation for Chaos theory. This is exactly the theory of Chemistry.

And this is what our old texts have been telling for 5000 years.. I get a feeling that we are caught in the web of analyzing the consequences that arise from the system, and not the root of how the system was formed in the first place.. We keep defining meaning, feeling, thinking, and keep doing statistical studies.. i.e empirical analysis of the consequences, but if we could step back and imagine, it will take us to the starting point...

Perception is all there is :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It sometimes takes a lifetime of thought to understand our past history and knowledge..

I keep hearing people say and laugh about ancient traditions, knowledge base such as astrology, traditional medicine, cultural symbols.

Somehow, we all gravitate towards ideas and knowledge bases that can demonstrate repeatable results correct to the 4th decimal place..Anything else is mythology.

I picked this small point.. I have heard fortune tellers tell about our future.. In fact , it is quite a big industry on its own.. In spite of all that, why is the industry not able to enter mainstream. I have seen some non-digital knowledge bases becoming services or product segments its own merit.
  • Take Ayurveda itself, a holistic medical theory. Doesn't have any clear digital answers for medical problems.. but offers a holistic insight. It has transformed itself from a philosophy bordering on the meta-concept to a concrete concept, and into a economic engine on its own.
  • Take oriental arts such as Taekwondo, Karate, Feng Shui. They have transformed into billion dollar economic engines through some value transformation.
  • Religion itself has transformed over the millennium, while keeping the central philosophy constant, has reinvented the edges, smoothened the rough edges, and gone through the same transformation from rules to meta-rules, and from dogma, enigma, stigma to practical value structures.
There are some other parts of our history which are still struggling to communicate their value. One of them , as I see it is Astrology. In spite of the voluminous work done by many experts in this field, it is at best seen as a "Believers paradise". I got to believe in it.. I have no structured way of training somebody to understand it. You are either with it or you are outside it.

Somehow, this ancient science, with all due respects, has not been able to deliver the transformation that probably it deserves, because it has not been able to convert the intuitive theories to concrete structures that can be embodied in training and by making somebody understand the value. It has not articulated its deliverable also. And so, it remains pseudo in many peoples eyes.

I have tried in many of my blogs to demystify this concept, and bring a structured approach to evaluation. The use of the metaphor, the fractal theory of nature, the interplay of the 5 elements, the element based model that allows one to use the same theory to explain different concepts ranging atomic theories to behavioral theories.

I have also wondered, why I am dragged by the occult ?. It is not so much out of love of the unseen or unheard, but out of a born sympathy towards evolution of human thought.

A simple philosophy that I bear in mind that

"All human thoughts and ideas shall bring the truth out ever so slowly, because we are blinded by the complexity, afraid of the simplicity, and dimiss theories that propose simple outcomes to complex problems ".

Occam's razor is after all, a genuine admission of human weakness towards complexity. We see complexity where there is a possibility for genuine simplicity. One of the other reasons I picked on this Complexity-Simplicity battle is that it links me to my previous blog on Pointless Innovation versus Disruptive Innovation model that creates a new growth S curve...

Now that we cannot possibly put ourselves at the vantage point in history to see the world before "Simplicity" and "After". It is hard to see the benefits of how the Complexity-Simplicity battle brings the distuptive benefits and growth..

Now let us look at our past with a new glass of "Complexity-Simplicity' battle.

What would the person who looked at people dying of Septicemia in the 15th century think ? Probably the devil, probably God, probably an unseen demonic force that kills the person.. The simplicity was achieved by finally deducing the concept of a virus or bacteria..

The complex Computer was realized only after somebody came up with a simple view of a complex knowledge of languages, structures and sciences.. That everything can be represented using a 0 and 1. Literally everything can be done..

The complex Internet was realized only after somebody realized that to connect every one to every one else, all everybody needs to do is to introduce themselves, and wait. You dont need a million wires.. All you need is one.

So, in other words, in any disruptive innovation, the winner is Simplicity..

The war of Complexity versus Simplicity is another way to describe the essence of Radical transformation..

So, in other words, Seeking Simplicity is the core of Innovation. Anything complex that is seen, heard anywhere is an opportunity to innovate.

And in all my deepest intuition, I can say this

"Unless you find that true simplicity, you are not going to find the next wave of growth "

Search and destroy complexity. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pointless Innovation v 2.1.3 limited beta release.

Virtual reality, Reality in virtual (reality shows)
Games Videos, Video Games
HD TV, Streaming video
Aerobics, Double- spring thigh exerciser.

What are these ? These are some of the buzz words buzzing around me right as we speak... They are Innovations of the 21st century.. Looks clever, but somehow, in spite of being charmed by it, I get that sinking feeling coming through every time I see such buzz words.. Well, mostly its about two things

1. Marginal utility - I really dont need it.
2. My pocket

The question is very simple.. Why do we need to have so many such innovations ? Yes, I can't be sitting at home, reading the Oxford dictionary. I have to be doing something,or I have to be buying something. I understand that, but is there a way to calibrate the "Something", and is there a way to understand if that "Something" is of intrinsic value to humanity at large or is it more of instant karma. Since there is nothing fundamental about any of these innovations, are they gadgets that simply occupy space, and our mindshare for a trivial amount of time.

If I rewind my thought process, the two most recent fundamental shifting innovations I can remember are the computer and internet. There are of course more of it in medicine, aerospace, but to keep it simple , I picked 2.

So, the theme is simple. What is the fundamental innovation shift that we as a society have achieved in the last 15 years ?

While I still brood over that theme, I realize that there is pattern to all that I listed up above.

Looking closely at the various invention list of 20th century, in the recent past.. say 10 - 15 years back, here is a set of patterns.

Firstly, we seem to be doing a lot of "Creative intensification".. i.e Newness is simply throwing more of the same thing.

If you got a 21 inch TV in 70's keep adding 2 inches every year.
If we started with 10 MHz processor, add more transistors till you have hit a 2.5 GHs multi core..
Normal TV, to High definition TV...
10Kbps modem to 10 Mbps fiber.. to 20 Mbps intense broadband and the list goes on..
Newspaper to Analytics to Intense analytics, real time analytics and so on.
2 storey buildings. to 50 storey to 120 storey buildings

Or, we are doing "Concept reversal".. Lets take some whacky examples..

Voice over IP, IP over Voice
Pay for Content (Magazine), Get paid for content (Ad sense)
Employment ( you go to work), to Telecommuting ( Work comes to you)
TV ( content comes to you) versus Internet ( you go to content)

Or we are doing "Derivative Innovation" such as

Stocks to Derivatives, to Futures, to Options, to Derivative loans, Loaned derivatives, to Traded Derivatives of loans... Deja vu, don't want to be reminded of Sept 23 2008..
Voice, to Modem to IP over Voice to Voice over IP to Data over VoIP and so on
Cars to Sports cars, to Cars with 2 seaters, 10 seaters, different shapes, sizes and now to the same car with different bodies from two different car vendors.. Oops..

I am a little concerned, that while this is a very interesting way to keep the beat going, why, aren't we as a society questioning these innovations from their value worthiness. Why do we clog the pavements with parked cars and keep buying every one of these innovations ?

So, as a society today, we ought to be answering these questions... Do we ?

1. Has innovation in the last 15 years, done anything remarkable to transform society?... Or did they just transpose the (not transformed) way we did things, or got more of the same thing or kept deriving new out of old things. ?

2. Fundamentally, if we looked at economic inflection points in society across centuries, fundamental shifts were required to change the growth trajectory ?.. Is there a way to understand fundamental shifts ?

3. Is there a fundamental shift left to be done OR is it all over ? Are we faced with an Innovation blindness or is there no more fundamental shift possible. ?

Starting from 1908 Ford Model T, and probably a little back when steam engine was invented in 1800's, computers and internet very recently, let us try and define "Fundamental shift".

1. Automobile - Was it a fundamental shift ? To look at it, we need to understand what it fundamentally changed ? It changed the dynamics of reach by a great degree, i.e from 20 - 30kms a day to 100's of kms a day. Significant reach increase.

2. Aircraft - Fundamentally increased the reach of humans from 100's of kms to 1000's of kms a day. Significant change in reach

3. SUV - No fundamental shift.. It just increased the size of the automobile.

4. Steam engine - Fundamental shift. Manual work to industrial automation.. Major productivity increase.

5. Computer - Manual work to automated work - Major productivity change.

6. Web 2.0 - No fundamental shift. It seems like a new level of user experience.

6. Internet - Slow speed of information to lightning speed of information travel. Major change in productivity.

7. Antibiotic - Death rate reduction by a major degree.

8. Gasoline- Sudden increase in ubiquitous energy.

So, if you looked at various inventions, the patterns of fundamental shifts are very clear. They provided a disruptive thrust to productivity, reach, speed, time, risk, energy and so on... There was something magical about those inventions.. A compelling need to buy them, because they added a disruptive amount of value in your hands. And notice the improvements that they delivered were staggering.. somewhere from 200 to 2000 % improvement in the value.

But, in the last 15 years, there is a malaise of some form.. We are 10 times more busy.. We are DOING more than we ever did. We use Innovation almost every day. But, still the global economy is sputtering like a choked engine, coming to life one day, and coughing the next day. One of the symptoms for this larger malaise maybe this. Look at the stock, financial, job markets, consumer goods, scientific studies.. More of them, if not all, are only focussing on fluff, marginal value, incrementalism, look and feel and less of true disruptive value. After a core invention comes through, much of our time goes in reeling out more of the same thing..

The rules are quite simple


Pick one word, pick an old invention, and mash it up. Presto... You get
More of the same thing (MOST)..
Concept reversal (CORE).. OR
Derivative innovation (DIN)

"How do I upgrade next ? New SW, New HW, new games, new clothes, new phone, new TV ??

But the verdict is clear. "The thinner TV, the 12 mega pixel camera, the faster car are all outside waiting for your....... The mother of all sales @ 70% off" = Post September 2008.

Frankly speaking, every one of these "MOST, CORE and DIN" doesn't really add any value.. It actually deletes value.. Slowly and surely, it deletes value by making me buy again and again, it deletes value by generating more garbage, it deletes value by providing perfunctory benefits in the end. So, after all these 15 years, I realize that we are where we were when we started.. Looks like we were doing ball juggling.. The same ball in a different hand or another ball in the same hand. The hand is the same.. The ball is the same.. Just keep swapping... All we did was to add more balls to the juggler. The juggler started slowly, then more and more.. and then it was September 2008.

Lets move to Q2...

2. Fundamentally, if we looked at economic inflection points in society across centuries, fundamental shifts were required to change the growth trajectory.. Is there a way to understand fundamental shifts ?

To understand whether we do any fundamental shifts, we need to understand what does a fundamental shift accomplish ?

Here are some of them

1. Marked shift in productivity.. it is not a linear increase.. From horse to steam engine, the productivity increase was a sudden disruptive shift.

2. Marked reduction in risk ... Death rate reduction due to invention of penicillin. Death due to infection and wounds reduced by a great degree.

3. Marked difference in understanding.. Energy in an atom to Atom bomb. Unravelling the structure of DNA..

4. Marked increase in reach .. Phone to internet.

5. Marked increase in energy available - Wood to Gasoline.

So, if we have not done any of these in the last 15 years.. then we can safely assume that we were doing something else.. Probably we were busy riding the wave. Instead of collectively disrupting risk, reach, understanding, productivity, we were busy re-selling, re-packaging, re-wording, re-branding, re-furbishing, upgrading and pushing them mercilessly into the customer's hands.

The economic crisis of 2008 was the breaking point for all those innovations.. Consumers flocked in millions and then billions for the most coveted MOST, CORE and DIN - be it a home loan or a computer or a mePOD, or a metooPOD. And then suddenly, the buying stopped, in a terrifying instant. Because, consumers realized that there was no real need for any of those things that they bought since the Ford Mustang or the PC.

So, comes the final question ?

Are there any more fundamental shifts left ?

Simple.. Just look at the five parameters and see if there is anything we can do..

1. Risk - Sure.. there is risk of disease greater than ever, risk of climate change, risk of economic disaster. We can fix them, if we can.
2. Productivity - Sure.. How to create more food ? How to improve dry crop yields ?
3. Understanding - we still don't understand half the diseases. 50% of oceans are not even explored. We have a wealth of plants with medicinal value, all lost in the wild.
4. Reach - I can get to America in nine hours, but can't get to the town centre in less than 3 hours.
5. Energy - Burn, burn and burn all the oil, as the Sun pours a trillion watts of power aimlessly into the ground. Not to mention the wasted energy everywhere.

As a society, if we can't see or focus on the fundamental shifts, and rather run after the Innovation traps and rat ships, we, as a society are doomed.. It is almost impossible to stay where we are.. If we just stay where we are, we may as well fall apart. All the while, we just kept DOING, and we forgot to understand the difference between DOING and INNOVATING.

"Come on.. Just keep hitting the nail in the wall.. Excuse me, sir.. the buyer is gone."

We need to work on those fundamental shifts... If there are any.. Serious folks.. Don't waste your time on LARGER, CHEAPER, BETTER, LOWER, FASTER... Focus on DIFFERENT. I no longer find the difference between LARGE and LARGER. But I do know the difference between DO SOMETHING and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT...

When there is no difference, it is called a Zero.
Zero is not a steady state. It is a state where we want to get out of.
If we cant get out of it, we pray. We pray for help.

Spiritualism is a definite alternative to Pointless Innovation v 2.1.3.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oxidative, Combustive, Synthesis based Wealth creation - Metaphors

Here is the next deep series in my Point of Arrival series.

Extending from my previous blog, I was curious to research more into the Metaphor model further. So, this time, I chose the "Energy generation" metaphor. As I was going back through the energy generation models , I talked about earlier, I realized that there are many more energy generation models in nature.

Just for the uninitiated, energy transformation in nature is done in ways that we describe in simple words
  • Burning of fuel - Combustion
  • Respiration - The technical name for this process is Oxidative phosphorylation
  • Photosynthesis - The technical name for this process is Photophosphorylation
  • Fermentation - Anaerobic respiration
Each of these processes have different chemical connotations

Combustion : Fuel + Oxygen => Carbon dioxide + Water + Other gases
Respiration : Glucose + Oxygen + Water => ATP synthase + Water + Carbon dioxide
Photosynthesis : Light + Carbon Dioxide + Water => ATP synthase + Glucose + Oxygen
Fermentation : Complex sugars => Ethanol or Simple sugars + Carbon dioxide

Researchers have spent years trying to find out the exact biochemical processes of all these forms of energy transformation. Interestingly, over a period of time, researchers have come to realize that almost all the 4 forms of energy generation have very similar forms of electron transport chains resulting in energy creation. Electron transport chains are essentially a multi-step biochemical process involving enzymes, an electron donor, an electron acceptor, and a set of redox reactions i.e an oxidation followed by reduction in a sequence. The end result is always the creation of what they call, an energy currency called " ATP", which is Adenine Triphosphate. ATP is the currency which is used for "Creating tissues, cells", and the energy to do useful work.

I was looking at them, and when I saw them closely, I could see a pattern. In each of these energy creation processes, the metaphor, I was looking for was
  • What are the useful ways one can innovate, since innovation is a metaphor for creation of low entropy energy from high entropy energy ?
There were some interesting analogies I learnt. Here is one statement as-is

"It is possible to couple a thermodynamically favorable reaction (a transition from a high-energy state to a lower-energy state) to a thermodynamically unfavorable reaction (such as a separation of charges, or the creation of an osmotic gradient), in such a way that the overall free energy of the system decreases (making it thermodynamically possible), while useful work is done at the same time. Biological macromolecules that catalyze a thermodynamically unfavorable reaction if and only if a thermodynamically favorable reaction occurs simultaneously underlie all known forms of life." - Wikipedia

All tech mumbo jumbo.. Fine. Let us try and create a more meaningful interpretation.

Oxidation : When an atom or molecule loses an electron or hydrogen ion, or gains an oxygen ion, the process is called oxidation. Fire is an oxidation process.

The Metaphor is "When a system gives out work by consuming an idea or knowledge it is called a Combustive ecosystem (which is Fire)."

Reduction : When an atom or molecule gains an electron and gives out an oxygen ion, the process is called reduction.

The Metaphor is "When a system gives out an idea by doing work, it is called a Creation ecosystem." Interestingly, strongly reduced gases such as Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Methane are associated with the early origins of life.

Most typical oxidation-reduction reactions happen in pairs, and therefore called Redox reactions. Rusting, Oxidation, Fire, and chemical reactions are examples.

Interestingly, natural energy creation systems use a Redox chain. They don't use a single redox reaction. This also needs a metaphorical view. My metaphorical interpretation is that the creation-combustion ecosystem pair needs to be done in a series of integrative steps, so that the final step involves creation of multiple energy currencies. The reason why natural creation uses this methodology is two fold
  • One is to make sure that the energy creation and dissipation are bounded by series of small energy creating, and dissipating steps. Wild energy dissipations would disrupt the quality of life, and the health of living tissues. (sustainability at its best)
  • Another is to make sure that process is exponential. i.e for a given series of reactions, how many ATP energy currencies can be obtained. The redox reactions in human cell respiration create a whopping 20 - 30 ATP kinase sequences.
Let us start looking at each of these systems
  • Combustion : Fuel is oxidized to CO2 and H2O.
  • Oxidative phosphorylation : Glucose is oxidised to ATP in a series of redox biochemical sequences with CO2 and H2O as by-products.
  • Photophosphorylation : Light converts CO2 and H2O to Glucose and tissues. In this process, water is reduced to electrons and oxygen ions, followed by a series of steps inside the chloroplast resulting in the manufacture of glucose.
  • Fermentation : In this process, complex sugars are broken down in simple sugars and carbon dioxide in the presence of water. This sequence can happen in the presence of oxygen or without it, in some cases.
Again, in search of a metaphor, I see that energy or its metaphor "Wealth" is created in these ways

Combustion :
  • In the presence of ideas and a environment of interconnected initiatives, one initiative can help another in a positive feedback, thereby converting the knowledge to useful work. This is Fire, and the Combustion ecosystem is a simple Factory model. In this model, the system is not built up. The system is self reducing, and will end, if the ideas and effort are not continuously fed into the system. Fire has a severe dependency on fuel and air for continued oxidation. The net entropy of the system increases in this system.
Cellular respiration
  • In more complex ecosystems, entropy of the system is decreased even though oxidation is used as a central theme for the energy release. This is the miracle of creation.
How do you reduce the entropy of the system, while oxidation is being done at the same time ?
  • This is the basis of sustainable innovation. In thermodynamics, these systems are called Emergent property i.e nobody can predict that these biochemical systems can evolve such complex models to oxidize and reduce entropy at the same time.
  • Now moving to the metaphor, cellular respiration is a classic example of how companies can use complex ecosystems to create new ideas and solutions, and convert existing ideas to work at the same time. However cellular respiration has a expiry date. If you looked at different respiration led animals, you would see that there is a median age where the accumulation of tissues stops, and degradation starts. This median for humans can be considered as 40 - 45 years. This is the time where the ATP synthesis has to face the battle between the entropy increase due to aptopsis (programmed cell death) and the entropy reduction due to the ATP synthesis.
What can we infer more from these metaphors ?

Oxidation is a metaphor for using a favor, and
Reduction is a metaphor for doing a favor.

So, the metaphor of Cellular respiration is that, using a complex ecosystem of vendors, a sequence of relationships involving receiving a favor, and doing a favor can be used to create Value or Wealth (aka ATP kinase)

Here is a simple down to earth ecosystem view of oxidative phosphorylation.
  • A (aka Mitochondria in a cell) wants to create wealth.
  • A pushes X to do a favor (Redox pair) to Y, pushes Y to do a favor (another redox pair) to Z.
  • Now, A has created a situation wherein X, Y and Z are obligated to A. (This is the 4 H+ ions generated by the four electron transport chain processes)
  • Use that entropy to make X, Y and Z combine together to create value for A (aka ATP synthase)
In fact, how many people do we see around us who actually use the above model to create wealth. ? When they think like this, they are actually mimicing the very biochemical processes that we describe here in this blog. This is the Grand metaphor of Creation.

  • Photosynthesis is the reverse of cellular respiration. Light reduces water to ions, which are then used to create a proton pump, which transfers energy through a series of reduction chains to form glucose.
  • This is another way to reduce entropy. The process of photosynthesis is exactly the reverse of cellular respiration. In both these cases, the protons created in the end are used to do useful work such as creating ATP synthase.
So, what is the metaphor for photosynthesis ?

How do we create Value or Wealth by doing a series of favors to others in a sequence. ? We earlier covered the fact that Chemical Reduction is a metaphor for doing a favor.

So, let us outline the simple down to earth view of Photophosphorylation aka Photosynthesis.
  • A(chloroplast) wants to create Value or Wealth
  • A pushes X to do a favor (Reduction) to Y, thereby creating an obligation (Oxidation) with Y. He then pushes Y to do a favor to Z or sometimes it happens that Y automatically does a favor to Z. Z does a favor to P.
  • The output of X, Y, Z and P can be used to create Value or Wealth (aka ATP synthase)
I remember not long ago , watching a movie called "Pay Forward". Its a movie of a child who does a school project where he does a favor to 3 people, and asks them to do the same. Eventually the result of that is for you to see in the end of the movie.

Humans have a choice of using a chain of favors to be received, or a chain of favors to be done.

A tree is a metaphor for a creation by Doing favors.
A Fire is a metaphor for a creation by Receiving favors.

What is the metaphor for O2, CO2 and H2O. ?

O2 is a low entropy idea aka usable idea
CO2 is a high entropy idea aka unusable idea or knowledge that requires a lot of energy to make it usable.
H2O is a metaphor for a high entropy system that contains energy and knowledge, but requires light aka Inspiration to bring out the Energy and Ideas. The metaphor for H2O is also Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer, and the metaphor for Light is Saggitarius.

This was quite amazing, when I started looking at the metaphors at a chemical level. The world around us is just full of metaphors. In fact, there are a million metaphors around us just as we breath, just as we live.

We humans are walking metaphors. We think metaphors, while we are metaphors by ourselves. This recursive view of creation is staggering, to think that from a micro scale to a large scale, creation has carefully stitched a series of such systems, that essentially are nothing but the same systems stitched using different names or different look and feel or composition. We call them "Chemicals" or " Behaviour" or " Tree" or " Humans" or "Zodiac"..

So, if we look at the life around us, and as we see things microscopically at cell level, or at human behavior level, the systems are actually the same. They just carry different names called O2 or Ideas or Gemini. They are one and the same.

This is the Core of Creation.

A single systemic principle applied using
  • Different physical constructs at physical, metaphysical, mental level
  • Different scale levels at atomic, molecular, chemical, physical and mental level
  • Different applications in chemistry, biology, physiology, and human sciences
  • Same pattern of behavior, but different manifestations of that behavior in the real world.
This is also the core principle of Chaos theory.

This is a very simple model. It is not to say that these processes are simple. They are complex, but multiple sciences such as human behavior, biochemistry, chemistry, planetary dynamics, and pseudo sciences such as astrology are all based on a set predictable pattern based on the same principles of construct, scale and behavior. In the real world, the way we perceive those behavior is different.

Creation is so cleverly manufactured that we cannot see the connect between an cellular respiration, a chemical reaction, and a human reaction to stimuli.

Actually they are one and the same, manifested in different physical constructs.

From a practical perspective, people who are not too keen to lift the carpet and see below, can use these learnings to understand human behavior, organizational behavior and use in setting up innovation ecosystems or can use this in understanding each other better.

Simplicity is very complex. :) Complexity is very simple. Or is it ?